Should you demand your wedding guests not take photographs? They might remember more if they do!

That’s a tough question though. And we never demand our weddings be “cell phone free”, but we like to educate people so that everyone can enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

I just read an interesting psychology article that suggests that if you are busy taking photographs, your memory of what you were photographing will be worse than if you just experienced everything without technology. While it sounds obvious, I think it’s good to see some validation and scientific confirmation of it.

Check out the abstract here:

While pandora’s box has been opened, and cell phones, and compulsive photo takers will never be put back in, I think instead of trying to ban people from doing what they want to do, a better approach would be to share some interesting information like this. Either on your facebook and tag all your main guests, or even to have the MC make a light hearted announcement at the Ceremony.

Thomas Stewart ended the debate with one photo. Cell Phones are out of control.

Results showed a photo-taking-impairment effect: If participants took a photo of each object as a whole, they remembered fewer objects and remembered fewer details about the objects and the objects’ locations

How you remember a moment, vs how a third party photographer remembers a photo.

While we believe that weddings are best to be enjoyed with your eyes unfiltered through a cell phone screen, trying to force people to not do something isn’t ever really going to fully work. Though Mike & Ness are currently researching some tactical EMP blast technology…. we will update you when designs are complete.

Until we find a more permanent solution, what are some things you’ve done or seen done that have at worked?

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