The wedding date is set, your pinterest idea boards are full, and now you have to sort through 1000’s of wedding vendors to make your wedding team complete. How do you do this without getting overwhelmed with decision overload? (otherwise known as decision fatigue)

One of the most time consuming, and make or break parts of your wedding is the research you do, or don’t do before hiring wedding vendors. You can spend months endlessly going through websites, meetings, emails… and not come one step closer to making a decision. And even when you make a decision… there is that nagging fear: “Did you make the right decision? Did you over or underpay? Are you getting a good deal?”

Eliminating Wedding Decision Fatigue

I’ve gone through the wedding process with tons of couples, and I’ve noticed there is are a few trends in the brides that seem to be low stress, and happy with how their wedding vendor decisions turned out. I call this process: “The Fab Four”

1. Have a very clear understanding of your priorities.

(aka: The The Fab Four)

Most of what you see in magazines/pinterest are a team of 10-20 people spending all day on a styled photoshoot, and has no similarity with what most weddings look like. If you want a pinterest perfect wedding in every regard, you’re going to pay for it. If you can Great, but if not, don’t expect to want, need or have everything!

Does that mean you shouldn’t have nice things? Never!
What it does mean though, is you need to prioritize what is important to you, so you can allocate budget accordingly. I call this making your “Fab Four”.

Start with naming your Top two essential vendors that are more important to you than anything. Often this is food, photography, Video, Venue, coordinator or decor.… These are generally the essential vendors that while it would be great to go big on all of them, often this is not the case. So start with two!

Then, Pick two non essential vendors that while are not as important to the wedding functions, are things that are going to really make the day more personalized to you. Invitations, flowers, centrepieces, music, games, entertainment, Wedding Albums, horse and buggy, open bar etc…

Once you have your list of 4, you now can keep focused on where you are spending your time.

2. Start with reliable sources of vendor lists.

You can find vendors anywhere. If you ask on a facebook wedding group, you’ll get 100’s of replies. But that’s not helpful. Anyone can recommend a friend, someone they have limited experience with, or only used once. These are not reliable referrals. You want vendors that through thick and thin, are going to produce consistent, good results.

Wedding vendor relationships are very important, and the longer a vendor has been in business, the more important having quality relationships are. Wedding shows are great places to start, as you typically are dealing with vendors who are not just weekend warriors, but investing in their business.. In one day you can talk to tons of vendors, and find the ones you trust. If you don’t find your Fab four there, talk to the vendors you did like, and ask them for referrals. Again, prefer full time vendors that have a stake in referring good vendors!

3. Never more than 3.

Restrict your list to 3. Before you allow yourself to add more than 3, force yourself to remove someone else. If you have a list of three that you can’t take anyone out of…. It’s a good time to stop researching, and start deciding! (This is also a good recommendation for blog lists like this one! See what we did there?)

There are tons of other tips, that are more specific…. But if you follow these three tips, you can eliminate a lot of the heaviness and decision fatigue that can happen which trying to filter the thousands of vendors that will be vying for your attention.

Where to start building your Vendor list?

If you are having trouble finding a starting spot, feel free to email us Email us and we will send you a list of our preferred vendors. Or check out our Ultimate Wedding Guide for some awesome local vendors we like.

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