Am I wasting money on a second Photographer?

Everyone wants to reduce their wedding budget. So why can some photographers produce great photos with one person, and others need two photographers?

The simple answer is, that all professional wedding photographers can shoot a wedding alone. Pure and simple.

But that doesn’t answer the question: Is a second photographer a waste of money?

What a second photographer (in our case, a second full-time professional photographer!) brings to the table are many intangible benefits, that as a bride you might not immediately notice. We want to share with you the benefits of having a second shooter, and how it affects the final photos you receive.

Getting ready shots:

A solo photographer has to go from location to location to get getting ready shots of the Bride and Groom. A second photographer allows you to have getting ready shots done at the same time, reducing a ton of stress trying to fit everything in. You can get ready at your own pace, as well as give your bridal party a chance to warm up to being photographed.

Getting ready photos are not only about how you prepare for the ceremony! It’s also about the time you spend with your closest family/friends on your big day. It’s FILLED with little moments that can not be staged, and require the photographer to be patient and at the ready to capture them.

Alternative angles / backups

There is no substitute for being able to capture the exact same moment at the same time. The moment you first see each other. The moment you kiss as husband and wife. Your mother bursting into tears while reading your vows. It allows your photographer to have more choices when putting your album together, to tell the entire story.

The other obvious benefit is that having a second photographer on hand means if uncle Tom decides to jump in the way of the photographer, or if an SD card decides to get corrupted, the other photographer has a chance to get a clear shot.

Complicated Lighting Set ups. Quickly.

Sometimes the best photos are simple candids. A one-light setup adds dramatic options and is easy for one photographer to pull off. For us, we have spent a lot of time perfecting getting the most out of having two photographers on site. We can quickly set up dramatic lighting that enhances the final images, without having to wait for us to set it up.

Formals – a second pair of eyes

One part of the wedding day that brides want to just speed through, is the family formals. While I am shooting the formals, Ness is busy preparing the next group, so there is little to no downtime between shots. She is also checking for messy hair, people holding purses/phones, or awkward faces/poses that I might not immediately see until I edit the photos. This is also true throughout the day.

Photobooths / Reception

The reception is usually a large room, with many things happening at different places. Being there for all your important moments, the little ones that happen outside the spotlight, and still manning a photobooth takes having a second photographer on hand.

Two heads are better than one.

This is where we talk intangible benefits.
I’m an analytical/logical guy. I have a lot of strengths that I bring to your wedding day. I’m usually the one making sure everything is technically perfect. But I also have weaknesses. What makes shooting with Ness so amazing is that she’s a lot more of a feeler. While in a meeting with you I might focus more on the details of how the wedding will go, Ness will be paying attention to how you feel about everything. I don’t know how she does it, but our clients appreciate the woman’s touch she brings to the whole wedding process, and is great at making stressed people feel more comfortable.

What a wedding portfolio will not tell you, is how the photographers will make you feel through the whole process. It won’t tell you how long it takes to do things.

Want to know more?

If you have never experienced having a tight knit photo team working in tandem to make your photos perfect, you might want to have a sit down with us and we can explain our entire wedding process to you!

Hopefully we shed some light on why we believe that having a second photographer is totally worth it!

All the best!

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