Two Photographers. Twice the Fun.

A Husband and Wife team that Loves weddings!

As two photographers, we get the privilege of spending your WHOLE wedding with you. On such a fast paced, emotional day, you need positive, uplifting people around you that will do whatever it takes to make the day go smoothly.

When the best man forgets which side the boutineers goes on.  (left side fellas!) or when no one knew how to tie a tie. We are there helping out.
When things fall behind schedule, we’re there laughing it off with you.

Even though you planned every detail, sometimes in the moment the day just gets overwhelming. While we are photographers who do our job well, what makes us the happiest of all is knowing that so many brides have trusted us to be there for them during one of their most special days.

Ness and myself just love weddings. Not just because we love taking pretty pictures, but because our passion is for making a positive impact on people’s lives. And I think that is what truly sets us apart.

Give us a call, and we will find out if we are the right people to be there for you on your big day!

Featured Photographers

From RSVP: My Wedding in a Box

Mike & Ness are featured Photographers in the amazing “Wedding in a Box”, which is run by RSVP Event Planners.