The Ultimate Wedding Organizer!

A free gift to you from us!

Organizing a wedding is a big deal! You are managing 100’s of guests, tons of vendors, meetings, timelines, rentals…. it’s easy to end up with information scattered all over the place.

We wanted to help our couples out, so we created this awesome wedding organizer. It organizes almost everything in your wedding day. The best part? You can easily delete sections to simplify it, or add whatever sections you want if you need more detail!

Included in this organizer is:

  • Budget Planner
  • Track quotes and what you actually paid
  • Ultimate Guest List: Know whose coming, what food they chose, if you sent them invites/thank yous, and all their contact details!
  • Venue, Caterer, and Vendor lists: Organize vendors by price, offerings, photos… and in one click cross them off your list until you get down to only one!
  • Wedding Day Itinerary
  • Wedding Todo List: A customizeable¬†1 year todo list letting you know what you should be doing every month till your wedding!
  • Add your own stuff too!

Here’s a Video on how it works!

How to use it?


It is created with a little online program called: Airtable. It’s 100% free for small tools like this. It’s like a spreadsheet, only easier to use, looks better on mobile, and isn’t as fragile as a spreadsheet where things get messy.
(there are paid plans that are geared towards big businesses with HUGE tables…. but this organizer is small enough to be free for almost any wedding size!)

At the bottom of the above table, is a little button to “copy this base”¬† or click on this link¬†to view it, and copy it from there.
Once you make an account, you can start organizing it! This is

We added little “i” info buttons around to give you more information on how to use it.

We Hope you found this helpful!

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