Do you have backup Equipment?

This is why you hire a professional wedding photographer. If you only bring one camera, one lens, one memory card…. if ANY of them decide not to work… you will have no wedding photos. We bring lots of stuff!

What Camera Gear do you use?

We could shoot your wedding on an iphone and get stunning wedding photos. We choose to use high end Nikon Professional cameras, with off camera lighting, and a ridiculous assortment of lenses that get the specific type of shots we photograph.

What type of photos do you take?

We capture all the candid smiles, tears, and moments that will define your wedding, and make it unique. While there is the traditional shots that we always capture, we like to have fun and do something memorable with you, something that will make people look at your photos and be amazed.

I don’t photograph well / hate myself in pictures

A good photo is not about being pinterest perfect, or getting on a magazine cover. What makes a photo good in our eyes is when you look at it, does it bring back a flood of memories of your perfect day? Do they make you remember how you laughed, or felt?
Our primary job is to make you comfortable enough so that you can just focus on the moments that are happening RIGHT NOW, and relive them in all their glory later.
Of course we have a lot of techniques and skills to make sure that when those moments happen, they (and you!) will look their best, the best way to get photographed is to just enjoy yourself, and the awesome people that surround you. (including your fun and easy going photographers!)

Ottawa and North Grenville Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photography

Do You give all the unedited photos?

The short answer is no.
The long answer is that we shoot about 4000-6000 images in a day, and it takes about a 50 hour week just to go through and organize the photos.
We edit every photo by hand, not batch processing, to ensure that every memory is in the best light possible.
We had to make a decision on how to allow our prices to be flexible enough to allow most people to access this high end photography, while giving our clients options who want more.

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