Itinerary Disasters (that can be avoided!)

Rushing Through your morning. 
While on your own you can get ready in 20 minutes or less,  when you are working with professional hair and makeup people, they are going to do an extra special job to make your hair and makeup look great, from the ceremony until the end of the night. And they are doing this times the people in your party! Shoes go missing, flowers may arrive later than expected, and things that on your own take only a few seconds, can take a lot longer when in a room with up to 10 or 12 other people!

Which is another reason you don’t want to rush through your morning/afternoon getting ready. You are going to be getting excited, maybe even a bit nervous, and you will be surrounded by wonderful people who you will want to just talk some things out with. Your parents, sisters, brothers, and your whole awesome wedding party! Giving yourself quality time to appreciate the people who will stand by you at the altar, and who have stood by you through your life makes the day feel all the more special. After the ceremony time will just fly by like a whirlwind, so make sure you don’t rush through some of the greatest and most cherished moments between family members.

Wedding, and Family Portraits
Hiring the best Photographer for your day, and then not giving them time to do their job, is the obvious part of the equation. We have a list of family photos to get through, you want to have portraits that will make you smile for the rest of your life. That takes time.
But so much about wedding photography is more than just about taking photos. Traditionally the bride and groom get their photos taken after the ceremony (some couples have opted lately to do them before… but that’s another subject!) You just spent a year or more planning this day, you were running around all week getting the details sorted out, and spent the whole day going through varies emotions…. do you want to go and be surrounded by a big crowd?

What couples love the most about the photos is to be surrounded by their handpicked wedding party, to laugh, joke around, get their sillies out. Two or or three hours seems like a lot of time, but after getting through 20-40 family photos, 5 or 6 different setups of your bridal party, you are going to want some quiet time with just the two of you. It’s much . This might be the last time you will have before the rush of the reception, dancing, speeches, food, and throngs of people stopping by to congratulate you.

A story to illustrate: One wedding we photographed we were given an hour and a half for ALL photos, as the couple didn’t want to keep their guests waiting. Inevitably, the wedding ran late, and we ended with 30 minutes to photograph family, the bridal party and the couple, at two desired locations! While there is nothing wrong with being fashionably late, (and we were!) we made the best of the situation, I know th

Not Communicating your Schedule
Two questions I hear at every wedding: “What are we doing now” and “When is ____ happening next?”
Having an MC that keeps the crowd informed at regular intervals: what is currently happening, as well as what will be happening next means your guests spend more time enjoying the moment, and less time looking around wondering what’s happening next.
No matter what you do, people are not going to read the itinerary that’s printed on their menu in front of them, but you can minimize the confusion, as well as the need for people to ask you questions if you make sure every vendor, MC, and bridal party member has been told what is happening, and When. Most people will not ask the couple these questions, so having this mini army of informed people to spread around good information is a big help.

Scheduling Reception Events too late
While a wedding goes by so fast, and you want to make sure everything has time to be enjoyed, having traditional events like the Bouquet Toss and cake cutting too late in the evening, can really disrupt the flow of the night. Out of town people and the older crowd often leave early, but still want to be part of those crucial “wedding experience” moments.  There is some logic to putting the more fun events like the garter toss after everyone has “loosened up”, and ready to participate, but leaving it too late can really break the flow. Many couples hit the point in the night when they stop caring about what’s on the schedule and just want to dance the night away.  an experienced MC or professional DJ can be a valuable resource in deciding when the right moments, so have a rough schedule, but empower someone to make the call to be flexible.

Booking Proper time for Decorating
What happens if you are doing last minute finishing touches on the ceremony? It means your helpers are going to be stressed, and your photographer might not have time to shoot all the details in their finished form. Whether using a planner or friends, make sure there is a realistic amount of time to set things up, and allow time for someone to realize they need to run to the store and get scissors, or something else easy to lose/forget.

and on this note….

Doing too many time Sensitive DIY crafts
Even if you have a designer doing most or all of the work, the more things that you arrange to have or happen that have to fresh, the more opportunity for things to go wrong.
Florists usually have a backup set of flowers, but DIY crafts that can’t be made before the wedding should be kept to a minimum.

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