North Grenville Wedding Photos
Why Mike & Ness?

You are going to spend more time with us on your wedding day than anyone else.

Being a husband and wife team that does EVERYTHING together, we compliment each other’s shooting style. We anticipate what the other one is doing, so we can catch more moments when things get busy.

The #1 thing that our clients say to us?
We made them feel relaxed, and it was the most fun they have ever had on a photoshoot.

Why are two photographers important?

No compromise!
Having wedding photographers as a husband and wife team means that you never compromise who gets the best photos! You can get ready at one location, and your partner can get ready somewhere else at the same time.

Many photographers will hire an assistant, or “second shooter”. This is usually a student or amature photographer looking for experience.

With us, you get two full time wedding photographers, working like a well oiled machine to make your day as easy as possible.

It also goes without saying that if uncle Bob jumps in front of one photographer during “the big moment”  having a second shooter is a life saver!

Have you done destination weddings?

Yes we have. We are low maintenance for travelling, and have lots of great advice for you. Your wedding only happens once! Don’t trust a wedding photographer that you have never met in another country with your day! Give us a call and we can make it happen.

There are so many wedding photographers! How do I choose?

How does a website really tell you how we are like in person? Would it help if we flashed our vision statement once more?
We designed our first meeting just to give you advice and wedding knowledge. You need to make sure we are the sort of people that make you comfortable to be around. We don’t ask for the sale, because we want our meetings to be candid and relaxed.

If we’re the right wedding photographers for you, you will know right away!
Give us a call, and let’s go for some tea at a local cafe… our treat!